How much is a yearly membership?

An individual membership costs $20.00 per year.

A family membership costs $30.00 per year and includes those living at the primary contact address

Are there weekly group runs?

Click here for a list of weekly group runs.

How large is your membership?

We currently have over 400 members in the Grand Strand Running Club.

I'm not fast, should I attempt to run with the club?

Yes, all paces are welcome at our group runs.

Does the club have regular meetings?

Yes, we have a social meeting at least 4 times per year. Look for details on the website or Facebook page.

I do not run, but want to get fit. Can the club help me learn to run?

The club has several training groups during the year for beginning runners/walkers.

I have an idea for a club event. Who do I contact?

Please send all ideas/questions to the marketing committee at

Can I volunteer at a club event and still race?

Yes, all volunteers are welcome before, during or after a race event. Please contact the race/event director about volunteer availability.

Is the club only for people who race?

No, club members aren’t required to race. We have several group runs during the week for you to participate and get active.

How can I tell when my membership expires?

Club members will receive an email notification 60 days prior to their expiration date.

How do I receive my GSRC shirt?

First time club members receive a GSRC shirt. A member of the welcoming committee will reach out to you and arrange to get you a tshirt.

Can I purchase and additional GSRC shirt?

Yes, you may purchase additional GSRC shirts at Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach or one of our GSRC sponsored events.

Which races offer GSRC members a discount and how do I receive it?

Current club members receive a discount on all GSRC sponsored race events.  The discount code will be posted here. Only current club members logged on the website are able to view the discount code page.

Do I have to be a member to participate in group runs?

No, all runners/walkers are welcome at any of our group runs.

How can I connect with other members who run around my pace and distance?

Each area of the Grand Strand has a Facebook group page. Join the one closest to you and meet some new friends.

What benefits do members receive?

Club Members receive:
*Discount for GSRC events
*Discount at area businesses
*Free shirt for first time members
*Opportunity to participate in the Grand Prix series

What is the Grand Prix series?

The Grand Prix series is for current club members to participate in pre-determined races throughout the year. Scoring is based upon your placing at those races. Click here for more information.

How do I sign up for the Grand Prix series?

Sign up for the Grand Prix series by contacting the Grand Prix chairman at, please include your name, birthdate, and email. Races are not retro-scoring.

How do I know if I am signed up to participate in the Grand Prix series?

Check the Grand Prix series list here. Only current club members who are logged on the website are able to view these pages.