Grand Strand Running Club Officers

Ryan Dion

GSRC President

Like so many others out there, I started running in 2010 in hopes of not only losing weight, but regaining my competitive spirit. Starting with local 5ks when I was living up in Wilmington, NC, I eventually worked up to half marathons and finally marathons in 2013 after meeting the running club here. I’ve won a few 5ks and even qualified for the Boston Marathon, but I’ve also been blessed to become a pacer in races and help others fulfill their potential and realize their goals in other ways. I tell people that I don’t necessarily enjoy the actual running, but I do enjoy the competitive fire, and even more so, helping others by giving back to the sport that I believe has given me my life back. It is only natural that I am eager and proud to serve the club that has become a family to me and my family.

Angela Robinette

GSRC Vice President

After spending 2016-19 in the Middle East teaching, I am thrilled to be back in the Grand Strand area. I enjoy running, cycling, swimming, reading, cooking. and hosting. My fitness highlights are competing in the 2019 70.3 Ironman in Oman with my fiance George Redman and the 2014 10K night race in Florence, Italy, where Italians cheered the runners through the streets. I am devoted to service and have helped residents and students in the United States, Bahrain, and Sri Lanka. I am excited to be a part of the executive team because the GSRC is an incredible group of people who continue to positively impact the lives of new runners, social runners, serious runners, and runners on vacation.

Misty Dion

GSRC Secretary

I started running in 2010 because my sister suggested we run a 5k so she could lose weight. The competitor in me resurfaced, and a runner was born. I tell people that it took me 34 years to find something that I was truly good at. After a brief setback, I reframed my goals and discovered a love of helping others in running that I didn’t know existed. I like to sprinkle a little bit of the old competitor in races like the Boston Marathon and the Savannah Double Pump Bridge Run with the more casual runner, pacing half and full marathons and helping others succeed. This was one of my bigger accomplishments, running a personal best in the Chicago Marathon competitively in 2018, leading to my invitation to join the Chicago Marathon Pace Team in 2019. Serving on the GSRC Board is just one more way I can give back to the club that few realize has done so truly much for me

Grand Strand Running Club Committees

Chairman: Ryan Dion

This committee needs volunteers to assist in planning the annual Border race vs. Wilmington Road Runners Club. Members may be asked to travel to the race site to mark the course as well as assist with setup and tear down on race day. Members also need to be willing to encourage club members to attend the race.

Chairman: Matthew Cutright

This committee functions to oversee the club treasurer and audit the club’s finances. Members should have a strong financial background.

Chairman: Gerald Graf

This committee coordinates and oversees the club championship series. It determines which events will comprise the series, the rules that govern the event, handles scoring, and awards at the end of the year. Volunteers must be willing to research race results throughout the year to determine scoring for the Grand Prix.

Chairman: Jim Troxell

The GSRC produces 5-6 race events each year and this committee needs volunteers to assist in planning for these events. Members should be willing to contact potential sponsors and help secure donations for each event as well as order t-shirts, medals, or other needed items. Members are asked to plan to attend as many of the GSRC race events as possible.

Chairman: Tami Tonkin

This committee needs volunteers to help coordinate club social activities each month. Committee members need to be creative and willing to secure special speakers for the social events. Members may be asked to research places in the area large enough to accommodate the club as well as secure needed items for the event.


The website manager works as an administrator for the club website, managing and keeping content fresh and up to date, adding events, and maintaining web design. The coordinator communicates regularly with the web designer to solve potential problems and install new programs. The website team will produce the monthly club newsletter with the assistance of the marketing committee.